How to identify stainless steel screws?

With the advent of the 5G era, we have found that the Internet has given more and more convenience. When identifying stainless steel screws, many friends learned through the Internet that in addition to the traditional magnet adsorption method, there are more auxiliary tools that can understand high-level stainless steel screws in a relatively short time.

stainless steel wood screw stainless screw
First, identify the stainless steel screws from the appearance, whether they are flat and smooth enough, there are burrs, and whether the thickness of the electroplating layer meets the standard, all are the main reference data. Next, we can use the measuring tools on the market: micrometers, vernier calipers, etc., to test the thickness of the stainless steel screw coating. Like the magnetic method, the timing liquid method and the microscope method are also very common, which can carry out detailed inspection and identification for different body types of stainless steel screws.
In addition, in the method of identifying stainless steel screws, professionals will also conduct multiple inspections on the adhesion strength of the coating. The common methods are mainly friction polishing, scratch method and file method test. After these three methods, there is no major wear, and the data is still controlled within the industry standard. Naturally, it is a qualified stainless steel screw.
We also need to know some corrosion-resistant inspection methods of stainless steel screws. You can buy professional reagents and drop them on the stainless steel screws to identify them by whether they are black or green. If there is enough time, contact a third-party testing agency and let them conduct professional salt spray test (NSS test), salt spray test (ASS test, accelerated acetic acid salt spray test (CASS test) are fast and extremely accurate way of doing.
No one can understand the method of identifying stainless steel screws from the beginning, or using intelligent networks, contacting professional structures, or consulting manufacturers are all feasible methods.

Post time: May-24-2021